The Adventures of Disaster Dobarro
aka Jinxed JoJo
Traveling back from guessed it!!! The same rest area and rest room... JoJo breaks another mirror. He then decides to travel the world seeking to "find himself". The following relates the tales of his wanderings....and the reason for the new name...
Disaster Dobarro.


JoJo hooks up with a group from Seattle. They want him to be a partner in their company....but he must work for something called "stock options". JoJo tells them to "go fly a kite....stock options aren't worth the paper they are printed on"


He saw his old buddies from the pool one day... They had made it big by calling themselves "The Beatles". They let him get his face on the front of one of their album covers.... then offered him a job driving a yellow submarine. JoJo said "real men don't drive yellow submarines" and left. Never to see his pool pals again.


JoJo makes his way to NASA and eventually to the moon...several years slip by without any major mishaps in his life.


While still at NASA...suddenly things take a turn for the worse. This is just the beginning of the terrible events that follow Jinxed JoJo where ever he goes and earns him the new name...
Disaster Doborro.


All he did was deliver 100 clams to this party!!!


On his way back from diving in Belmar...he decided to stop at Lakehurst and watch the Blimps land.


He stopped in Dallas to see his cousin...His cousin who owned a limo service asked him if he "wanted to take a ride" he had some bigwigs to drive around the city!!


While riding his Trek 850 mountain bike across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.... Disaster Dobarro stops to take a leak.


He stops to see an old buddy one day. His buddy asks him to help him clean up some old audio tapes.


He decides to take a cruise....treating himself to a long over due vacation.


Because he was family... Disaster was asked to take part in this raid to try to negotiate with his cousin Jose Deburro for the release of young Elian


After helping with the raid in Florida...Disaster suddenly becomes interested in Law Enforcement.... He tries to join the FBI but while in the building steals a couple of pens......


He is put on the FBI's most wanted list for stealing government property.


When he finds out that he is on the Most Wanted list....Disaster goes into hiding. Here he is spotted at a Redskins game.


He joins a band.... subscribing to the theory that it is better to hide in plain sight!!!


When the FBI caught on to Disaster "hiding in plain sight"... and were hot on his trail...word has it that he made the ultimate decision and had a total sex change operation (something he had been thinking about since the rest area restroom days). This is the last known photo of Disaster Dobarro. There is an unsubstantiated rumor going around that she has been dating an underworld (or underwater) figure with the initials KRB.