The Adventures of Disaster Dobarro
aka Jinxed JoJo

It all started many years ago.
JoJo traveled to Hollywood to seek his fortune. Unfortunately, on his way to fame and fortune he broke a mirror in the restroom of a rest area off of Rt 66. The rest area, long known to attract a certain undesirable element of society, seems to be the beginning point of our hero's bad luck and travails as a loser... earning him the nickname Jinxed JoJo and later in life Disaster Dobarro.

Since that incident.....the rest is History.


After arriving in Hollywood one of his first auditions was for the role of Buckwheat on the "Our Gang" series. The directors decided that JoJo's hair wasn't curly enough and went with William Thomas.


JoJo next tried to land a job as a Mouseketeer. That wasn't to be because of his frequent use of words that had more letters in them than Mouseketeer. He did get some part-time work as a stunt double for Annette that kept food on the table while he pursued other acting jobs.


He was offered a job as the father figure on a TV series but turned it down saying the show would never last.


He did get some bit roles that helped him pay the rent.


He also did some model photography work. This was the original photo that JoJo wouldn't allow the photographer to use because he thought that getting his picture taken with "old broads" could not possibly help his career. The photographer used someone else instead.


This was the original poster made for Jinxed JoJo's first movie. Unfortunately the poster had to be remade after JoJo got a rash under his bathing suit while filming a love scene and was unable to compete the movie.


JoJo pulled out of another TV series because he thought it was going nowhere!!! Cast as Little JoJo Cartwright he was the only brother that was not allowed to carry a gun.


He almost landed this role but the directors wanted to go with a smaller Extra Terrestial that wasn't quite as scary looking.


Always trying to help out his he is seen with the friends he insisted should make their careers in commercial diving operations. The friends instead decided to form a band and start a music career. When they asked JoJo if he would like to be part of the band ....he declined and insisted they could make more money as commercial divers, but if they really wanted to start a band ...they should call themselves Agabus bipustulatus... or something similar.


Minor roles in other more well known movies usually ended up on the cutting room floor.


Finally a role that didn't end up on the cutting room floor!!
Too bad he wore a mask the entire film.... and somebody else did the voice over!!!


A brief appearance in the film Six Sense that ended up on the cutting room floor because the directors thought that JoJo looked too dead...ended his desire to be an actor.


The decision by JoJo's girlfriend to leave him...after he told her about the incident at the rest area.... pushed JoJo over the edge. He decided to move to New Jersey and put his life's efforts into the study of clams and oysters.

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